How do I add my desk or a favorite to "My Locations"?

Each time you select a location on the floor map, you’ll see an option that allows you to save that location.

  1. Choose a location on the floor map that you'd like to save
  2. Click on the “Save to My Locations” option in the popover
  3. You’ll then see two choices: “Save as My Desk” or “Save as Favorite
  4. Choose the option that’s right for this area

A confirmation will appear with a link to “My Locations”. Clicking that - or tapping on the search bar on desktop and the purple location bar on mobile - will open the location center where you’ll see that your new location has been saved.


TIP: You can save 1 Desk and up to 5 favorites.

Note: Adding a desk to your favorites is not the same as booking a desk. If you’re looking for information on desk booking take a look at this article. 


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