Where can I use Comfy?

Comfy offers multiple product features to improve your workplace experience. You will see these features in various spaces of your office depending on where your company has chosen to deploy each one.

Here are some things you can check out:

  • Select any location on the map and you will see a popover that explains the actions you can take in that location.

  • You can also turn on map layers in the floor map menu and see where those features are available. Temperature zones, Rooms, and Desks will appear on the map. Lighting zones will appear when you select within a Comfy Lighting enabled area.

  • Comfy Temperature is configured to work with each predefined heating and cooling zone, and it works in spaces where our technology is set up to speak directly with your building’s management system. On a typical floor with Comfy Temperature, it will work in all offices, open office areas, and conference rooms, as well as some common areas like lobbies, corridors, cafes, and break/printer rooms. It typically is not set up in stairwells and restrooms.

  • Comfy Lighting is also configured to work with predefined lighting circuits, and it may be offered all day in your building or strictly after hours.

  • Comfy Rooms and Desks are enabled where your company has chosen to deploy them either in a first-come, first-served basis where you can see real time availability of rooms and desks based on sensor data and simply go claim a room or desk, or by booking a room or desk in advance.

Read more about comfy features here.

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