I'm feeling a little hot or cold, but my neighbors don't agree. What now?

Did you request Warm My Space and find out that your coworker in the same area requested Cool My Space and want to know what will happen next?  

If you put in a request that happens to be the opposite of coworker’s request, you’ll receive a notification in Comfy that there are differing opinions in your zone, you then have the opportunity to continue with or cancel your request.

If you cancel, your coworker’s request will stand.  If you continue, Comfy will put the zone on hold for a set period of time, usually 20 minutes, and make no changes to the space in order to maintain a median temperature for the zone.

From here you can do a couple things. If you scroll down on the same page, you can see the recent activity of requests and zone consensus of the space. If the requests show that you are temporarily not in the majority opinion, check the current temperatures of the space on the Comfy floor map and relocate to a space suitable for you  If the requests show a pattern of one type of request, contact the support channel to see if there is an issue with the building’s mechanical systems.

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