How does Comfy work exactly?

Your building has a computer-based system that controls the temperature in all of the different parts of the building. Temperature is controlled typically by heating or cooling air centrally, and then distributing the air through the building through ducts. Each zone that is highlighted on the Comfy floor map has the ability to have a unique temperature, because it has its own computer that controls how much warm or cool air is put into that area. Comfy is software that plugs into this system, allowing you to interact with it directly.

As a bonus, Comfy uses machine learning to automatically tune the office to your preferences. So when you make a temperature request, Comfy logs your preference in that area along with the time and day. Typically, Comfy will also send an immediate response to that zone, to provide a bit of cooling or warmth on-demand.

Over time, Comfy sees patterns and uses them to keep the space more comfortable. For example, if you sit in a spot where the sun hits you in the afternoon a lot, and you tell Comfy to 'Cool my Space' regularly because of it, Comfy will learn to keep your space cooler in the afternoon. The more requests you make, the more Comfy learns about you and the more comfortable you are.

Your office has many predefined zones, each with their own temperature settings. Each zone is determined by the building’s existing ducts and equipment, not by Comfy.

Comfy optimizes the heating and cooling of your office by learning patterns from your requests: preferences, location, and time of day. In most cases Comfy immediately adjusts your zone to satisfy your short-term needs!

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