Why do I share temperature with other people? Why is my zone the size that it is?

In most buildings today, we keep people warm and cool via 'forced air'- air that is pumped through ducts into the building. All buildings (including homes!) with forced air have zones, and typically these zones are bigger than one room, because it would be expensive and difficult to provide different temperatures for every room in a building.  

For office buildings, conference rooms often have their own zone, private offices are on their own zone or share 2-3 offices per zone, and 4-8 desks in open office areas (with or without cubicles) will generally share one zone. With each additional zone, there is added equipment your building management has to install. That's why most folks who work in office buildings end up sharing temperature with others. Comfy was invented to help improve this situation by providing more control to employees; that way, they can keep their temperature the way they'd like it.

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