If I leave my desk for lunch or a meeting, will I lose it?

When you book a desk in Comfy, that desk booking reservation will be held in your name for the entirety of the work day or until you cancel that reservation.

In some instances, which would be clearly noted in the app, if you've booked a desk but do not arrive within a certain timeframe of the reservation being made, that desk will automatically be released at the beginning of the day. But once you’ve arrived at your desk on time, it’s yours for the day!

In cases where desks are "first come, first served" and availability is provided by sensors, Comfy will display a “Recently Claimed” yellow state on the floor map.

This state shows the instance in which someone may have recently been sitting at that desk and therefore it might not be available for use.

Your company sets the time frame for what is “Recently Claimed”-- in some cases, companies may choose to have a desk be recently occupied for 8 hours (i.e, all day) or they may configure it to be only 15 minutes. Reach out to Comfy Support if you have questions about your specific building.

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