How do I book or claim a desk?

Depending on your company’s configuration of desks in your office, Comfy can enable you to book a desk, when they are reservable in advance or right away, or claim a desk when they are first come, first served.

Open up the Comfy app and navigate to the desks page.

  • Here you’ll see a split screen view of the floor map and a list view filtered for all the desks on that floor.

  • Available desks are colored green. You can book any available desk by choosing it from the list view or by directly clicking on the desk you want on the map.
  • From here things will vary depending on what type of desk configuration is available in your office building. You will either see a message stating “Available - Sit there to claim it!” or you will see a “Book Desk” button.

 Claiming an Available Desk

  • You can claim a desk simply by going to it and starting to work there. Once you arrive at the desk, the sensor will pick up that you are in the space and turn that desk from green to gray, showing that it is occupied. 
  • If you need to get up from the desk for a coffee, lunch, restroom break, or meeting - no worries! When you leave, the desk you claimed turn yellow on the floor map to show that it was recently claimed to deter others from sitting there. The grace period of time that desks will remain Recently Claimed (yellow) will vary depending on your company’s settings for Comfy. In some cases desks that have been claimed but unoccupied will remain yellow for a full day.  

Booking an Available Desk

  • Choose the option to "Book Desk" from the popover on the map or next to the room on the My Locations List and you’ll then see a button to "Book All Day."
  • Choose to "Book All Day" and the desk will be reserved for you for the full day. The desk will turn from green to purple on the map to mark that it’s yours.


You can find your booked desk in the Location Center dropdown at the top of the list. So if you forget which desk is yours, open the Location Center or scan the floor map for a purple desk.


Note: The time at which point desks become available is set by your company, so you should receive information about that via email. Typically the time is set for sometime in the early morning the day of the booking.

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