How often does Comfy visually update desk status in the app?

I just walked by a desk that Comfy said was free, but someone was sitting there.

Comfy identifies desk occupancy via one of two approaches:

  • Using booking data. If your site has Desk Booking enabled, Comfy will show a desk as being “occupied” when someone has booked it; and that desk will change to becoming “available” only when someone cancels their booking or the booking has expired. So if you see an inaccurate status, chances are someone was just occupying an open desk without explicitly booking it.

  • Using sensor data. If your site has desk occupancy sensors installed, then the app will reflect a desk is occupied if the sensor reading suggests someone is sitting there. Sometimes, desk sensors can be inaccurate or there might be a short lag (about 30 seconds on average) between when a sensor picks up occupancy data and when that data is received at Comfy. So most such issues are intermittent. But if you notice a persistent issue with a particular desk, we encourage you to contact your workplace services team.

In some cases, we might have sites with both sensors and booking capabilities. In these scenarios, Comfy will reflect a desk being occupied if either the desk has been booked or someone is seated at that desk. So in this scenario, it’s possible that someone might have booked the desk but momentarily stepped away.

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