Comfy Features

Every company uses a slightly different version of Comfy to create an amazing workplace experience.

Below are some of the features that may be available in your office.

  • Temperature: Warm or cool workspaces on-demand, and have preferences automatically applied over time.
  • Lighting: Change light levels in open spaces or meeting rooms, and adjust the schedule when working late.
  • Rooms: Find and book meeting rooms on-the-go, including ones that are “booked” but currently unused.
  • Desks: Find and book desks quickly based on availability, nearby amenities, and preferences.
  • Work Requests: Submit work requests or flag issues to workplace teams, when and where they arise.

In addition, all Comfy users get an easy-to-use digital map of their building(s) within the app, which can be used to find commonly used points-of-interest, save your favorite locations, or even just orient yourself within a new space.

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