How do I change my location?

In order to take actions in Comfy, we need to know your current location. Your current location includes your building, your floor, and your current location on that floor.

  • First time Location Selection: If it’s your first time using Comfy you will be guided through the process of selecting your building, then your floor, then your current location on the floor map or list of locations on the floor. Read more about first time location selection here.
  • Search and List View: You can also search simply by typing the name of a building, floor, room, or location in the  search bar. You can always find the search or list view of buildings, floors, and locations by selecting the current location bar at the top.


  • Change you Building or Change Floor: Open the Current Location bar at the top of the page and choose Select Building or Select Floor as needed. 


Important: Once you initiate changing your building or floor, you must select a new location in order to finalize your new location, otherwise it will revert to your previous location.

  • Select on the floor map: If you have logged in before, you will see a floor map of the last location you selected. If you are changing location on the current floor simply pan or zoom the map to find your new location and select it. You will then see a location pin appear along with information about that location and the actions available to you there.  


  • Select from a list of locations on a Floor: Open the Current Location bar at the top of the Comfy interface (on desktop select the caret next to the search bar). You should see a list of the locations on the current floor. If you’ve saved favorite locations or saved My Desk, these options will appear at the top of the list in the My Locations list.
  • Select from saved My Locations: Save your favorite locations and your desk and then open the Current Location bar to see a shortcut to each location at the top of the list.


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