How do I edit locations I’ve added to “My Locations”?

Editing locations you've saved in Comfy is easy!

At the top of the Comfy app you will see your Current Location, a lavender bar below the header. You can can select this to search locations or view a list of locations on your current floor.

  1. Open the Location Center by touching your current location on mobile. On desktop, click the inside the search bar or the caret next to the search to see the list of locations.

  2. At the top of this list will be a section called My Locations. Select the EDIT button next to this title.

  3. A trash icon will then appear next to each saved location. Select the trash can icon to delete each location that’s no longer a favorite.


TIP: To make a Favorite into My Desk, first delete it from Favorites and then add it back as My Desk. See more here about adding favorites.

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